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Find and Remove All Security Threats Using Our New Advanced Technology
A must have for anti spy, anti eavesdropping and anti stalker.
Small size and light weighted, easy to carry around on your travels by putting it in your briefcase, travel bag or suitcase.
Powerful anti spy RF bug detector, hidden camera detector, wireless listening device detector, and GPS tracker detector, and simple to use.

Anti Spy Detector


The truly powerful security gadget. You can wear the personal body camera on your clothes or keep the mini camera in your pocket, on your desk, wear around your neck with lanyard for travel (lanyard is included in the box) or practically anywhere discreetly.The wearable camera records your interview from either side for improving your skills. Protect your rights and job while dealing with in any sort of business.

Body Camera


A video magnifier, also called electronic/digital magnifier, is an electronic reading aid for people with severe visual impairment who cannot be helped using ordinary magnifying glass.

Video Magnifier


This rechargeable camera. When we say that our indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras are completely wireless, we are serious. There is no need to use wires for viewing streams or installing. This home security camera system is exactly what you need to protect your home and family. Our WIFI security camera wireless wifi helps us to get rid of the cords troubles,perfect choice for monitoring villa/home/office/shop/hotel/warehouse/school or elsewhere.

WIFI Battery Powered Camera


This security cameras for indoor outdoor camera wireless without the need for wires is much more convenient to install, and is much safer because of its reliability. The motion sensor can send notifications to your smartphone (Android or iPhone) when motion is detected, providing a higher level of security that will prevent thieves and help screen visitors that may come to your door.

Indoor & Outdoor Security Camera