PX1 Portable RF Camera Detetcor

  • Parameter:

    Hidden Camera Detecting Distance: 10cm-10m                                                                                                            
    Wireless Signal Detecting                                                 Sim card: 2G/3G/4G/5G
    Wireless Signal:
    1 MHz – 6.5Ghz
    Distance: 15㎡
    (2.4Ghz & 5.8Ghz
    Distance: 10㎡)
    Vibration Alarm Support
    Power Supply ( Rechargeable Battery)  
    Battery Capacity 300mah
    Loop Alarm Battery Life > 4 hours
    Vibration Alarm Mode ( standby time) > 44 hours
    Fully charged time > 2 hours
    In-put Power Voltage DC 5V /1A
    Detector Size 86x38x16.5mm
    Detector Gross Weight 32g
    Detector Gross Weight  


    1x Detector
    1x USB Cable
    1x Manual
    1x Lanyard


*Portable,urban stylish looking,flight-friendly
*Detect SIM card (2G, 3G, 4G)GSM bugs/GPS trackers
*Detect wireless camera equipment,pinhole camera,and radio waves
*8 leds laser lights,Infrared scanning to find pinhole cameras
*Motion Alarm, Built-in 3D omnidirectional smart sensor chip to sense slight motion to achieve doors/windows anti-breaking/sneaking alarm,bags/belongings anti-theft alarm